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Pickled Beets & Turnips!

Mason Jar Size: 32 oz


  • 2 cups washed, quartered, and sliced turnips
  • 1¼ cups washed, quartered, and sliced beets
  • 2 tablespoons of salt
  • Distilled water as needed


  1. Wash and slice your beets and turnips into quarters. Add them to your 32 ounce mason jar, alternating layers of beet and turnip so that the red and white are evenly distributed. Leave 1-2 inches of headspace.
  2. Combine salt with 2 cups of distilled water (this is your brine). Pour your brine over the vegetables, leaving 1-2 inches of headspace (just covering the vegetables).
  3. Cover with your Go Ferment kit and allow to ferment at a cool room temperature for 3-12 days, depending on preference. Longer is usually better, especially for tough root vegetables.
  4. When your desired flavor has been reached, transfer to your refrigerator!

We hope you enjoy your Pickled Beets & Turnips!  Make sure to tag #GoFerment on any pictures you share on Instagram and post them on our FaceBook page.  We LOVE seeing your ferments in the making!  If you have any specific recipes you are interested just let us know!  We will keep the recipes coming :)

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