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Sweet & hot carrot sticks


We all know that eating fresh vegetables is a key component to your health, but why can’t it be fun and delicious? Farmers markets at this time of year are overflowing with all types of root vegetables and we can attest to this because we came home with 15 pounds just today! Homemade food always tastes better, so get out your cutting boards, we’re going on a fermented journey!

You will need:

32 oz clean mason jar

GoFerment lid

1 pound fresh carrots, cleaned and topped

Two quartered jalapenos, seeded if you like less heat

2 cups purified water

2 tablespoons sea salt

Start by mixing up your brine (salt and water) until you can’t see any salt crystals. Peel and cut your carrots into ½” sticks (you can also leave the peels on for added nutrients). Pop everything into the jar however you like; we like to lay half of the jalapenos down at the bottom of the jar, then add the carrots vertically with the remaining jalapeno quarters mixed in! Cover with brine and one of our glass weights or anything you can find to keep the veggies submerged. Pop on that lid and fill the airlock with water, then place in a quiet corner for 5-7 days or longer depending on taste! Transfer to the fridge and enjoy a sweet, crunchy, spicy snack or side to any meal!

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