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Fermented Pomegranate Relish with Honey!

Pomegranate Relish Fermented w/ Honey Guess what? It’s Pom season in the Northern Hemisphere and boy oh boy, we are EXCITED. Back in the early days of fruit selection (i.e. when we were young tykes and mom would take us grocery shopping), we’d get to pick out our favorite fruits for snacks. Most commonly picked up fruits included grapes, bananas, oranges, you know, the boring stuff. But I was a rebel. I enjoyed the frustrating pomegranate that no one else liked. It was beautiful, extremely tasty, and nobody in my immediate circle wanted to take an hour just to get...

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Fermented ketchup & mustard in time for the 4th of July!

You have two days until the cookout of the year, come prepared with some snazzy condiments!

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Blueberry soda

Are your family members not so keen on the idea of fermented foods? We’ve got a secret weapon that can get anyone interested- blueberry soda! 

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Drink to your health!

Jun kombucha, the sweet little sister of kombucha!

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A delicious variation of the ever-popular kimchi!

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