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Go Ferment!

Fermentation Weights - Made in the USA!

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** FINAL INVENTORY ** weight may vary on remaining inventory. 

MADE IN USA – All of our weights are Proudly Hand Made in the USA and Assembled by our small fermenting company in Boston, MA!

SAFE MATERIALS – Our weights are made from the highest quality 100% soda-lime, lead-free, food safe glass in the USA! We use the same glass used to make mason jars. No more worrying about contaminates or other substances leaching into your ferment. Each weight has a beautiful polished look.

DURABLE AND HEAVY – These are the heaviest weights available on the market! Each weight is 6.2 ounces with a diameter of 2.5” and a thickness of 0.75”. These will keep your ferments completely submerged underneath your brine eliminating oxygen exposure. Their size allows for very easy placement in and out of your jar!

COMPATIBLE – These will fit in ANY sized wide-mouth mason jar! These are a perfect complement to your mason jar fermenting kits or your traditional fermenting crocks! Our weights will even work in a Fido jar!

FREE RECIPE E-BOOK – Not only will you receive 4 handmade glass weights in a beautiful gift box, we will also send you a Recipe E-Book with our favorite recipes to get you started with fermenting!

Keep your ferments and pickles mold-free with our fermenting weights! Each of our weights are food-safe, lead-free, non-porous, and Proudly Hand Made in the USA. These weights are perfect for beginners to successfully start fermenting or pickling their own foods such as pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, etc.

Set includes:

  • 4 Glass Wide-Mouth Mason Jar Fermentation Weights
  • Fermenting Recipe E-Book
  • Gift Box 

About the product:

Handmade glass fermentation weights made in the USA! We created these weights to prevent mold in small batch lacto fermentation and pickling. These weights will let you put your fermentation on auto-pilot! No need to check your ferments daily or constantly push them down underneath your brine or liquid. Place one of our weights on top of your ferment and let it hold your produce underneath your brine. These weights will ensure your ferments remain mold free in an anaerobic environment!

The size of each weight will allow you to place these in and out of your jar with ease. They also allow carbon dioxide bubbles to escape on the side. Our weights are the heaviest available allowing you to only need 1 weight per jar! 


  • 2.5” inches in diameter
  • 0.75” inches in thickness
  • 6.2 ounces per glass weight glass

You'll receive our Recipe E-Book with delicious recipes once you purchase our weights! Our sturdy gift box will keep your weights safe during shipping and make a beautiful birthday, holiday, or wedding present! 

Compatible with ANY Wide-Mouth Mason Jars! Including: Ball, Kerr, Bernardin, Kilner, Quattro Stagioni, Golden Harvest, Orchard Road, Atlas, Legacy.

Have fun in any wide mouth mason jar size:

  • 8 ounces - Half Pint
  • 16 ounces - Pint
  • 24 ounces - 1.5 Pint
  • 32 ounces - Quart
  • 64 ounces - Half Gallon
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